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Free Seminars/Webinars


Please check each individual seminar to see its location and registration information. Attend any 5 seminars with the Core Business Seminar (CBS) designation, and you will receive an Entrepreneurial Foundation Certificate.

Call 919-718-7544 to pre-register or for more information about Lee seminars.

  • Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners (Part 6)


    Session 6 - Digital Ads, Email Marketing, and Customer Retention This final session will celebrate those who have completed the Digital Marketing Certificate series. Now that you have a solid web game and are seeing good tracking in your online presence, what is next? We will cover the fundamentals of paid ads and how to start without losing your shirt. We also will include how to build up your ground game with the right Relationship Marketing strategy that increases the enduring strength of sincere person-to-person connections Topics covered will include: Paid Ads,Facebook paid and Google ads,and relationship marketing.

    • Start • End Date: 06/26/2024 • 06/26/2024
    • Day: W
    • Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Cost: Free
    • Instructor: Martin Brossman
    • Location Code: DWCC (Dennis Wicker Civic Center)
    • Building Location: 111